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  • Men

    K-Way’s range of men’s outdoor and adventure clothing includes all you need to be geared up for any adventure. Includes…

  • Women

    K-Way’s range of ladies’ outdoor and adventure clothing is all you need to gear up and get out, exclusively available…

  • Footwear

    Shop K-Way’s wide range of hiking boots and sandals, to ensure you’re equipped to handle virtually any terrain or outdoor…

  • Kids

    K-Way’s kids range of technical apparel for your little explorer will ensure that no adventure goes to waste. Includes jackets,…

  • Accessories

    Gear up for any outdoor adventure imaginable, including hiking, skiing, camping, travelling, trail running and more. Start with K-Way, exclusive…

  • Backpacks & Gear

    The ultimate in technical and leisure backpacks, so you’re geared up for any outdoor adventure. From daypacks to hiking packs…

Welcome to K-Way

For many years K-Way has been leading the way in terms of innovative design, technology and environmentally friendly business practices. With our proudly South African heritage, we aim to produce only the best in technical and leisure apparel to ensure our customers are sufficiently geared up to get out anywhere in the world.

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