Many years ago we set out on an adventure to produce the very best in technical and leisure apparel. Our goal was to ensure that you are always sufficiently geared up to face the elements, no matter where you find yourself in the world.

We are now leaders in innovative design, technology and environmentally-friendly business practices, and proud ambassadors of our South African heritage.

But we’re always ready for a new adventure. And we look forward to you joining us.



Bad weather is no longer an excuse to stay indoors. K-Way’s extensive range of foul-weather garments are built to beat the elements, as well as blend in seamlessly with the latest men’s and women’s winter fashion.

All our foul-weather jackets are designed to be lightweight without compromising on warmth, and we use only polyester or ethically-sourced down as insulating fill materials. Whether you experience a clear day on the ski slopes, or a winter storm in the mountains, K-Way's foul-weather gear has your outdoor pursuits covered.



Beat the cold in style with K-Way’s down jackets. Our quality down jackets are hypo-allergenic, long-lasting and contain only 100% ethically-sourced down, with outer fabrics that are 100% windproof, breathable and coated to repel water. Now you can be fully insulated and looking good - anywhere from coffee shops to mountain tops.


K-WAY EXPEDITION SERIES - the pinnacle of the K-Way range.

Ice caps, narrow ledges, high altitudes and low oxygen levels - this is the world where the K-Way Expedition Series not only lives, but thrives!

These highly technical products have gone through extensive research and development to ensure not just functionality and comfort, but also survival. Their innovative design allows adventurers to push their bodies to the limit without having to worry about the elements. Which is important stuff when you find yourself on the top of the world’s highest peaks.



Before you take your first step, step in a pair of K-Way hiking boots. Our wide range of technical hiking boots offers cushioning and protection for any adventure from day hikes to summiting Africa’s highest peaks.

K-Way's mid- and high-cut hiking boot styles wrap the ankles to provide excellent support against rough and uneven terrain. All our boots have shanks in the midsoles which add load-bearing stiffness, allowing you to pack a few extra luxuries into your backpack.

But remember, although most of K-Way's hiking boots are made of flexible nubuck leather, you must always, always, always break in your boots before a long hike. Don’t say we didn’t warn you 🙂