Don’t be a part of the problem, be the solution

Making sustainable choices during your daily routines doesn’t always have to be such a schlep – just ask two of our top K-Way Brand Ambassadors, Blake Dyason and AJ Calitz. Implement these quick and easy tips into your everyday habits and you’ll be a more eco-conscious outdoorsman in no time!

Blake’s Tips:

1. Start composting at home, over and above your usual recycling routine.

2. Start taking reusable bags/containers with you on your adventures and get rid of single-use plastics and non-recyclable food wrapping.

4. Shop for quality, not quantity.

Blake says: “I am buying better quality gear that lasts me longer, while avoiding fast-fashion trends.”

5. Rather repair gear before replacing it – if it is broken, that does not always mean you need a new one.

AJ’s Tips:

1. Try cycling or running to work instead of using your car.

AJ says: “I have integrated this sort of daily commute into my training program and it has been awesome! I get to work feeling refreshed and trained, with absolutely no emissions made on the way. Plus, I don’t have to sit through any traffic!”

2. Be an example to other runners and hikers. If they see you picking up litter on your walk/run, they should automatically feel obliged to do the same. Aim to pick up at least two pieces of rubbish on every one of your runs/hikes.

3. Begin teaching your kids, friends and fellow runners/hikers about the importance of keeping the mountains clean - after all, we are only the custodians the mountains have!

4. Make conservation a part of your everyday life. Be an advocate for the environment, whatever that may mean to you. Make good choices, wherever you go and in whatever you do!