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On Dogs & Trails

Many trail runners have running dogs these days, and often not for the traditional South African "guard dog" element, but rather for their active companionship and shared love of the outdoors. As a result of this "canine-centric" movement, more beaches, parks and trail networks in South Africa are becoming pet-friendly destinations. Being a veterinarian, dog…
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Nicolette Griffioen Shares her first SkyRun race experience with us

Author: Nicolette Griffioen My first SkyRun in 2016 was everything it should have been, and more. There was the excitement of running a new trail, heightened after the previous year’s disappointment of having to spectate rather than compete due to an ITB issue. Then there was the anxiety of running 100km – only my second…
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This Women’s Day and every other day, lead a child outside

Author: Nicolette Griffioen Image: Pierre Jordaan At the age of five, I walked my first 3-day overnight hike. I swam in rock pools, built riverside sandcastles and climbed trees. In the evenings I showered by starlight, built my own fire and braaied marshmallows on sticks. I learnt essential skills such as trail-watching for snakes, taking…
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