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Down Jackets – What You Need to Know

by Tudor Caradoc-Davies | 10 May 2017 Baffles and coatings, wax and warmth; we dive deep into choosing the best down jacket for you It’s easy to get caught up in the new-fangled tech talk associated with cutting edge outdoor clothing, but when it comes to down - one of the most essential warmth-providing materials…
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Choosing the perfect rain jacket for your next adventure

by Nick Dall | 25 May 2017 The whole of Cape Town is praying for rain, so you’d best prepare yourself for when it finally arrives. Fortunately the technology used in rain jackets has come a long way since the days of greasy oilskins and crinkly anoraks. Allow us to elaborate… For the city slicker…
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Choosing the right softshell jacket

by Nick Dall | 27 March 2017 Weatherproof enough for most conditions and stylish enough to wear about town, softshell jackets are all the rage. But many consumers are unaware of the range of options and applications out there. Read and learn. What is a softshell? Softshells are named after their smooth, but flexible DWR…
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