How to layer for any outdoor adventure

Author: Pierre Pienaar, In-house Product Specialist The layering principle is designed to keep you both warm and dry. Your body heat is your only source of warmth and it should not be wasted. This principle will trap your body heat efficiently and effectively, without the unnecessary weight of heavy blankets and outdated heavy jackets. Just follow…
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Don’t be a part of the problem, be the solution

Making sustainable choices during your daily routines doesn’t always have to be such a schlep – just ask two of our top K-Way Brand Ambassadors, Blake Dyason and AJ Calitz. Implement these quick and easy tips into your everyday habits and you’ll be a more eco-conscious outdoorsman in no time! Blake’s Tips: 1. Start composting…
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Spirit of Adventure – AJ Calitz

We face possibly the most trying time in many generations. This cannot be denied when you look at the world around you. Panic buying, stock markets and exchange rates crashing and not to mention the lack of toilet paper! But inside each of us is a fire that burns fearlessly: the spirit of adventure. It is a…
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