Down Jackets – The Best Racing & Recovery Tool

Racing or Adventuring, especially for a long period of time, can be brutal and the effect on your body can be immense, but the reward is always ever so sweet. A question we should always be asking is: “How can we make this as easy as possible for ourselves?”

The quick answer is to pack the right gear! This will not only make you feel a lot more comfortable and efficient, it could even save your life. When you are very tired and the weather turns foul, your body starts to lose the ability to keep itself warm. Therefore, it is essential that you always carry gear that will not only allow you to brave the elements, but also to conquer the drawbacks of being human! Enter the humble Down Jacket....

Down has the capability to keep you warm like no other material out there. The benefits are endless, including its "fluffy" nature, which allows the Jackets to be packed and compressed down to the size of a tennis ball! They are also supremely light and soft, making them the ideal companion in the mountains. Pull out the jacket, put it on.... and voila! You have superior protection from the elements and have trapped all the insulated heat against your body.

I have seen, time and time again, that runners and adventures either pack the wrong gear or don’t know how to use the gear they have correctly. Use a Down Jacket before you get too cold to even be able put it on anymore - it truly is a life saver! If you start to heat up, similar to when you ascend a mountain, zip open the front to let some cool air in and close it up again when you are at the frosty summit.

For all runners and adventurers alike, running into the night can become an inescapable reality. It is during these instances that Down Jackets become even more essential, as the temperatures plummet and resolve turns from steely to watery. Every year, at the Skyrun finish, I see runners donning K-Way Down Jackets - the wise choice for the Beast that is the K-Way Skyrun.

I have, on two occasions, been so exhausted and in such a bad way, that my body completely lost its ability to keep itself warm wearing the garments I had on me. On one of those occasions, I had a Down Jacket with me and was able to continue. However, on the other, I did not and had to be rushed to safety under a space blanket.

Down doesn’t only save your life, it can also be an essential for on-trend Winter style. Invest in a good quality K-Way Down Jacket like the Men's Fresco Down Jacket or the Women's Martine Hooded Jacket and treat it well - it will give you a lifetime of use.


Image by: Xavier Briel