Spirit of Adventure – AJ Calitz

We face possibly the most trying time in many generations. This cannot be denied when you look at the world around you.

Panic buying, stock markets and exchange rates crashing and not to mention the lack of toilet paper!

But inside each of us is a fire that burns fearlessly: the spirit of adventure. It is a flame that some choose to ignore, but the human spirit is not easily quenched.

More than the endorphins that are released when you are active and outdoors, I truly believe that we were made to be outdoors, and the outdoors are there for us to enjoy.

If you want some perspective, as my father always said, “Go climb a mountain!” Somehow the problems and worries of life seem small and distant at the moment.

But more than that - the quiet isolation does something to our souls. Much like recharging a battery, we need to explore. 

“I don't have enough time,” OR “It is too expensive,” – Yes, I have heard all these excuses before. In my honest opinion, you are then not making adventure a priority. We have the time to sit and watch television or read countless social media articles (like this one), when what we truly NEED is to go on an adventure.

But what does an adventure look like?

  • It may be a going on a hiking trip in a massive mountain range.
  • It may be sleeping underneath the stars.
  • It may even be drinking coffee from a thermal mug on a frosty Drakensberg morning.
  • Maybe it’s pitching a tent in your backyard and playing house with your kids.
  • What about ditching the car and taking a walk to the shops.
  • Or riding your bicycle to work.
  • It may be foregoing the lift and taking the stairs.
  • Or taking a stroll over lunch, instead of listening to all the naysayers.

Whatever it means to you, go and get it. Do it. You will feel so much better for it. 

I believe that the spirit of adventure is contagious, and I really hope that more people catch this spirit. We need it now, more than ever.

Don't let the storms of life blow out the spirit of adventure. #gearupgetout

Yours in trail running,

AJ Calitz