Tegan Smith tests our down and synthetic sleeping bags in the Fish River Canyon

Author: Tegan Smith
Location: Fish River Canyon, Namibia Date: June 2019

I recently did the five-day Fish River Canyon hike in Namibia, which gave me the opportunity to compare two amazing sleeping bags by K-Way: the Zermatt 950 Eco Sleeping Bag and the Hybrid 2 Sleeping Bag.

K-Way Zermatt 950 Eco Sleeping bag

The Zermatt is very easy to fold and pack away. It is filled with Primaloft Eco, a synthetic insulation that is made from 55% recycled content. 

It weighs in at a mere 950g, which was animportant factor when choosing this product. Weight is everything when carrying your backpack for five days, so the lighter the better!

The comfort rating was 3-15 degrees, which was perfect for the canyon’s climate. Primaloft eco is also water resistant; if it gets wet, it is able to retain heat and keep out the cold.

K-Way Hybrid 2 Sleeping Bag

The Hybrid is filled with Duck Down and weighs in at 1.8kg - a little heavier than the Zermatt.

Although this sleeping bag weighs a bit more and is larger in size, I enjoyed the warmth it provided. Its comfort temperature is 0-8 degrees, which was perfect for me while sleeping in the canyon. The Hybrid is definitely the warmer of the two and is a great all-round camping sleeping bag. However, I do favour the Zermatt’s light weight and Primaloft Eco’s benefits