Hometown: Cape Town

Occupation: Founder of Love our trails

Favourite K-Way Product: K-way Kilimanjaro 30 day pack

Quote to Live by: "If the essence of my being has caused a smile upon your face or a touch of joy within your heart, then in living I have made my mark. – Chase Tanner"

K-Way ambassador Blake Dyason, lover of all things trail, including life, nature, and keeping things as unspoilt as possible, is best described as an outdoors warrior who has made his life vocation to make a positive difference to the world around him.

Blake is an activist for our planet, championing various causes that aim to improve and add value to the world we live in. From enabling volunteering platforms and fundraising to help uplift and educate children, to anti-litter campaigns and spreading the good word about how to conserve and preserve our environment, Blake ‘walks his talk’.

“My focus in everything I do is to add value to the world I live in. My core mission is to always put our planet first – without our planet, we have nothing, so we need to protect it in every way we can. I also believe in fair opportunity for all – I work towards changing the world we live in to be more about equality, upliftment and fairness.”

Blake believes our greatest gifts in life are health, vitality and mobility – blessings that can be snatched from us in a moment. He uses his love for the outdoors as a tool to work his magic, encouraging everyone he meets to do their part, no matter how small, to help make their environment a better place.

In 2015 Blake founded Love Our Trails, an international movement that aims to protect trails around the world through education and activations.

“Table Mountain is home to my favourite local trails. One day, after finding so much litter along the trail and graffiti on rocks along the way, I decided to host a clean-up on the mountain. Word spread and soon we had crowds of like-minded folk keen to join in the effort. I soon realised that cleaning up after others wasn’t enough, and that we needed to educate fellow trail users on the impact of littering. That saw the birth of Love Our Trails.”

Blake explains how the more he learned about litter and the impact it has on our planet, the more he realised the importance of working together with similar groups around the world to gain a better understanding of how to best preserve and protect trails for future generations. Trails the world over are facing the same challenges, and Blake is part of a large network of trail managers and organisations globally that share approaches and techniques to ensure trails are well maintained, safe and sustainable for all who use them.

“K-Way’s support of Love Our Trails has been fantastic – the brand’s financial support of the various clean-ups, activations and initiatives has made it possible to make a significant impact in driving education and awareness to communities. K-Way also has an incredible community on social media and in-store, which has helped make the Love Our Trails footprint bigger, connecting with an ever-growing circle of outdoor enthusiasts,” says Blake.

“Looking to the future, I plan to continue my journey, constantly learning about what’s happening around the world with trails, always bringing back the information to share and add value, so we can learn the lessons of others without making the mistakes ourselves. It’s really important that our trails be protected so future generations are able to appreciate them as we do.”

Blake Dyason is on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram